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The history of the Smart Shopper TEAM movement, began with our teenage daughter.

As she grew up, like all teenagers, she wanted to be the same as everyone else, but at the same time wanted to stand out and be different from them, too. Often parents do not understand the pressure on teenagers in terms of money. At a younger age, we only had our “Sunday best” and two or three other outfits. Today’s teenagers have so many nice outfits, but yet want and need more. Then comes the subject of pocket/spending money: spent on travel, cinema tickets, going to see friends, and it’s gone – then they see a new top for $25 and we are back to the subject of needing it badly. Then the lessons on priorities comes in, and learning to be a smart shopper.

As time flies by, our teenager grew up, engaged and the “Father of the Bride” started to look for the first time in his life at … Wedding . Yes, he was shocked, but yet wanted the best for his daughter. So the search for THE WEDDING DRESS began, and took a long time. But was more shocking than the prices, was the fact that without being a Smart Shopper, you are pretty much limited to the price fixing that the market has established.  The wedding day came, and she looked fantastic, but now when we look back, it could have been done in another manner.

We do not believe that you should give up on enjoying those moments in life that come along, but we do believe that you should approach them in an intelligent way. This is where the history of this site comes from. We decided to set up a site, that will be TEAM driven. Not one single person, picks out the categories or items, it is a TEAM effort.

For those who subscribe to the site will only recieve newsletters on MAJOR changes and updates to the site. It does however open the door for that person to communicate which product categories he/she would like us to add to the site. It is like your own website of specially offered products! You can unsubscribe at anytime, at the bottom of the newsletter is an “unsubscribe” option. with that being said, please keep in mind that their could be some strange combination of products on this site. Everyone has different tastes, and it may appear strange all mixed in one store. Example: Cosmetics, Fashion, Wedding , Prom , Evening Dresses, with   Coats, and Shoes. It is all input from users of the site. We look forward to helping you find a great price in whatever commodity you are interested in, just let us know and we will research and add the best prices and stores for you.

SmartShopperTEAM.com is your eCommerce source for super deals.

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